Features & Benefits

CloudMonkey harnesses the power of a dedicated cloud infrastructure to dramatically increase the coverage and effectiveness of your mobile testing. Always-on, zero-configuration, and enterprise-class.

MonkeyTalk is a simple, extensible scripting language that provides powerful features including:

  • Upload a build of your app along with any MonkeyTalk tests you desire
  • At the push of a button right from the MonkeyTalk IDE, or 100% automated from your Continuous Integration server
  • Execute in parallel across dozens of different target configurations - different features, screen resolutions, OS versions
  • Results for every configuration delivered in XML, HTML, email, or a combination
  • Screen-shots of every test completion, error condition, or as requested from a test command
  • Real-time execution status works with Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins or Hudson - test every time you build!
  • Complete historical test results always available online