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MonkeyTalk is the world's greatest mobile app testing tool. MonkeyTalk automates real, functional interactive tests for iOS and Android apps - everything from simple "smoke tests" to sophisticated data-driven test suites. Native, mobile, and hybrid app, real devices or simulators.

The MonkeyTalk Community Edition 2.0 is the culmination of Gorilla Logic's five years of creating open-source automated testing tools. Downloaded over 70,000 times, MonkeyTalk is enabling teams all over the world to achieve 5-star mobile app quality at agile speed.

And now with MonkeyTalk Professional Edition, mobile test automation has never been easier. MonkeyTalk Pro builds on the open-source Community Editon to provide a seamless workflow for mobile test professionals, delivering high productivity with a minimum of hassle and configuration. Designed from the start for both QA professionals and application developers, it makes the proven benefits of test automation available for every mobile project. MonkeyTalk Pro is a subscription-licensed product from CloudMonkeyMobile, currently being offered in a free beta version.

Features and Benefits

Community Edition

Professional Edition

iOS and Android apps - native, hybrid, and mobile web
Simulators or Real Devices - no Jailbreaking required
Robust cross-platform Recording/Playback that actually works!
Full touch and gesture support
Integrated Environment to create, run, and edit your tests
Use the keyword-driven MonkeyTalk language, or powerful JavaScript or Java APIs
Run your tests interactively or from continuous integration environments
Validate controls, images, text, or any property of any object
Data-drive your tests from a spreadsheet
HTML, XML, xUnit reporting for tests and suites
Instrument your app at run-time - no special build
Install, launch, stop, or uninstall your app anytime
Multiple devices from one script (ex. a chat conversation)
Advanced command editor
App restart from script command
Extended reporting
Built-in emulator
Supports linked-in libraries and subprojects
Integrated workflow for CloudMonkey LabManager
Technical support from CloudMonkey Mobile
In the Professional Edition Beta 1, some new features are available only for the Android platform.


Multiply the value of MonkeyTalk. Get up to speed faster, tap into the incredible features of the platform, and resolve challenges faster with support direct from the creators.

  • Support - get quick answers direct from the source. Premium support includes priority developer access!
  • Training - unlock the incredible power of MonkeyTalk with instruction from the masters
  • Up and Running - work directly with an expert from Cloudmonkey to get MonkeyTalk integrated into your project, team, or organization


Standard Support ($995)
Annual Support for Named-User
  • Phone: No
  • Email: Yes
  • Consulting Services: No
  • Response Time: 24 Hours M – F
Premium Support ($2,995)
Annual Premium Support for Named-User
  • Phone: Yes*
  • Email: Yes
  • Consulting Services: Yes*
  • Response Time: 24 Hours M – F

Quick Start

Jump Right In
Get the learning curve behind you and get right to playback. CloudMonkey eliminates the hassles of integration and bootstrapping, enabling you to start running automated tests across multiple targets immediately. We live and breathe MonkeyTalk, and with our MonkeyTalk Quick Starts, you can be faster out of the gate—and faster to market. Save time, save money, and keep your team focused on what they do best.