Features & Benefits

Save time, money, and increase your team's agility by incorporating state-of-the art functional test automation into your application delivery process. MonkeyTalk is a simple but incredibly powerful cross-platform testing tool that records and plays back highly readable and maintainable test scripts for native iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile web and hybrid apps.

We designed MonkeyTalk to be easy enough to be used by testers of all experience levels, but to include the advanced features automation engineers require to build custom automation frameworks. The free and open-source MonkeyTalk Community Edition provides basic script creation and editing, while MonkeyTalk Professional Edition extends the platform with end-to-end workflow and integration options for Quality professionals.


MonkeyTalk Benefits

Simulators or Real Devices - no Jailbreaking required

Test the way you want to - any device, anytime.

Robust cross-platform Recording/Playback that actually works!

MonkeyTalk makes scenario capture quick and easy - anyone can create a basic smoke test in seconds, without training. MonkeyTalk records high-level, readable functional test scripts, not brittle, low-level event streams - so the script you record looks like the test case you're capturing. Whether your app is iOS or Android, the MonkeyTalk commands are the same - you can even record a test on one platform and play it back on another.

Full touch and gesture support

MonkeyTalk supports the mobile touch and gesture-based interactions that are central to the mobile experience. Swipe, Drag, Move - even finger-drawing can be recorded and played back.

Integrated Environment to create, run, and edit your tests

MonkeyTalk comes out-of-the-box with an advanced desktop environment for recording, playing, modifying, and managing all your automated tests. Connect directly to any iOS or Android device and get to work. Run your tests and review the results at the click of the button. Customized script editors with built-in command help and test runners that report results in real-time let you focus on results instead of climbing a steep learning curve.

Use the keyword-driven MonkeyTalk language, or powerful JavaScript or Java APIs

MonkeyTalk uses natural, what-you-see-is-what-you-say commands to make it easy to keep basic test scripts in sync with new app features and new devices. Scripts and suites are easy-to-manage plain text files. But MonkeyTalk also offers a rich API for Java or Javascript, so you can manage complex cases or integrate with external frameworks. "Toll-free" cross-scripting allows Java/Javascript tests to call MonkeyTalk-language and vice versa.




Enter username "gorillaKing" Input username enterText gorillaKing app.input("username").enterText
Enter password "mysecret" Input password enterText mysecret app.input("password").enterText
Hit the "Login" button Button Login tap app.button("login").tap();
Verify msg says "Hello, gorillaKing" Label msg verify "Hello, gorillaKing" app.label("msg").verify
("Hello, gorillaKing");

Run your tests interactively or from continuous integration environments

MonkeyTalk provides a complete set of Ant tasks for running tests and managing results. Tests can also be launched directly from the OS command-line using or from Java. MonkeyTalk Professional Edition adds ant tasks to instrument, install, and launch your test builds for a complete mobile-test-automation solution.

Validate controls, images, text, or any property of any object

MonkeyTalk doesn't just play back user actions - it can verify their impact as well. Unlike other automation tools that rely on image-recognition, MonkeyTalk uses true object-based technology, MonkeyTalk's object technology looks "inside" your app to understand it's real state. This powerful paradigm allows MonkeyTalk to assure anything from a font color to the number of rows in a table.

Data-drive your tests from a spreadsheet

MonkeyTalk can run the same test any number of times with different inputs, and even validate different expected results, with a simple CSV file created from any spreadsheet tool. Test dozens or hundreds of cases with a single script.


HTML, XML, xUnit reporting for tests and suites

MonkeyTalk provides detailed and summary reporting, with screenshots that let you zero in on test failures. Reports come ready-to-view in HTML with complete, step-by-step detail. MonkeyTalk's summary reports are compatible with the popular "xUnit" standards, allowing integration with all popular management tools.

Records high-level interactions instead of low-level event streams

Unlike other automation tools that rely on image-based recording, MonkeyTalk uses true object-based recording. Image-based tools try to identify things like buttons, tables, and text by looking at the pixels on the screen. MonkeyTalk looks "inside" your app to understand exactly what user interactions are being performed. Object-based scripting produces more readable and maintainable scripts that are far-less brittle than scripts that rely on image recognition.

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MonkeyTalk Professional Edition Benefits

In the Professional Edition Beta 1, some new features are available only for the Android platform.

Instrument your app at run-time - no special build

MonkeyTalk Professional Edition introduces the industry's first "code-free" object technology! MonkeyTalk-enable your app on the fly whenever you need to run or record a test. No special builds, no custom configurations.


Install, launch, stop, or uninstall your app

MonkeyTalk Professional Edition offers simple point-and-click management of your test build. Install a new (or old) version of your app at any time. Restart your app every time you run, or even in the middle of a script with a simple command.


Multiple devices from one script (ex. a chat conversation)

With MonkeyTalk Professional Edition, you can direct different commands in a single script to different devices. So you can have one phone call another, or send a text message and validate it's receipt.


End-to-End Automation Workflow

With MonkeyTalk Professional Edition, you just grab your latest application build and a mobile device and get automating! The MonkeyTalk Pro IDE includes dozens of enhancements to reduce the learning curve and make you more productive. Instrument your build, install it on one or many devices (or the built-in Android emulator), and get working in seconds. Get your scripts working faster and take advantage of advanced features with our integrated Command Editor featuring context-sensitive, one-click help for every Component, Action, argument and modifier.

Extended Reporting

Our detailed, step-by-step reporting is enhanced with integrated, continuous or error-only screenshots and performance metrics like memory and battery usage for every command in your test.


Built-in Android Emulator

Test your Android build right away with our Built-in Emulator. Windows, Mac, or Linux - get right to recording and playing back real tests without configuration or offline tools.


Supports linked-in libraries and subprojects

Automate your whole app: MonkeyTalk Pro's Dynamic Instrumentation technology can instrument your whole build on-the-fly - even commercial and separately-built libraries and utilities.


Integrated workflow for CloudMonkey LabManager

Run your tests across multiple devices with consilodated reporting, right from your desktop with MonkeyTalk Professional's integration of the industry-leading CloudMonkey LabManager platform. This powerful combination lets you work with your test projects locally, remotely, or both. Watch your tests run on any device, or submit a job, go to lunch, and grab the results when you return!

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