Legacy Products

FlexMonkey, FlexMonkium, Flex Support in MonkeyTalk

Looking for FlexMonkey, FlexMonkium, or for Flex support within MonkeyTalk? You're in the right place. Gorilla Logic is proud to have created FlexMonkey - the best testing platform for Flex and AIR applications - and FlexMonkium, the key to automating Flex and Web-pages together. Our passion for quality drove us to create these tools and to provide them to the community free and open-source.

Today, Gorilla Logic is harnessing that same passion to provide the best testing platform for mobile apps with MonkeyTalk.

Sharpening our focus on this area means making some choices, and one of them has been to step back our ongoing investment in Flex technology. FlexMonkey and FlexMonkium will continue to be available to the community, with community support, but Gorilla Logic will not be providing ongoing investment in developing these products, and will no longer offer support contracts for the FlexMonkey and FlexMonkium products. Flex support will remain in the MonkeyTalk source tree, available for experimental use and community development, but MonkeyTalk support contracts will not include support for Flex. You can access the latest source code, binaries, and documentation here.

That doesn't mean we are laying down our FlashBuilders for good: We can still provide you with the premier Flex and FlexMonkey talent Gorilla Logic is known for - including product fixes or enhancements - on a custom consulting basis. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need Flex-related consulting services.


FoneMonkey is now MonkeyTalk, which supports iOS, Android, and hybrid apps. We've kept the same core technologies that have made Gorilla Logic the leader in automated testing, and combined it with an integrated IDE that extends the capabilities across all the critical app platforms for todays' audiences.

As of November 2012, MonkeyTalk is the strategic direction for test-tool development at Gorilla Logic. FoneMonkey support will be community-only. You can access the latest source code, binaries, and documentation here.