Learn MonkeyTalk from the gorillas who invented it. CloudMonkey Mobile is pleased to offer a one-day training class that will give you the skills you need for effective MonkeyTalk scripting.

  • Get all the benefits of instructor-led training without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to a classroom.

Learn the basics of MonkeyTalk as well as advanced features including:

  • Instrumenting an application for MonkeyTalk testing
  • Recording, playback, and editing with the MonkeyTalk IDE
  • Understanding the MonkeyTalk Scripting Language
  • Using verification commands
  • Creating and using variables
  • Script parameterization and reuse
  • Data-Driving Scripts
  • Managing test suites
  • Generating or writing JavaScript-based scripts
  • Extending MonkeyTalk with custom commands

MonkeyTalk classes are live, online, and interactive, and provided during CloudMonkey Mobile's office business hours (Mountain Time, GMT-7)

Classes cost $395.00, are offered monthly, and are limited to twenty-five students. Please reserve your seat by registering today!

The MonkeyTalk Certification Program

Become a Certified MonkeyTalk professional! At CloudMonkey Mobile, We recognize that effective implementations are what really make test automation successful. That means that for MonkeyTalk and CloudMonkey Mobile to be successful, we need skilled practitioners out there delivering value with our products.

That’s why CloudMonkey Mobile is proud to sponsor the MonkeyTalk Certified Professional Program. Register now to become a MonkeyTalk Certified Tester or a MonkeyTalk Certified Developer and start to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Valuable endorsement of your skills with the industry-leading mobile test platform
  • From the creators and maintainers of MonkeyTalk
  • Certification references confirmed on electronic request

It starts with our straight-from-the-Gorillas MonkeyTalk training. Once you have completed the training you just pass our online certification test for the level you are seeking and you’re in! MonkeyTalk Certification comes with discounts on the MonkeyTalk training and products that more than pay for the certification enrollment fee!

The Certified MonkeyTalk Tester course is a full-day, instructor-led training on the basics of MonkeyTalk testing including parameterized and data-driven tests. Certified MonkeyTalk Developer training adds another full day on advanced topics, including Javascript, Custom Components, and ant/CI integration.

Expertise with MonkeyTalk and CloudMonkey LabManager technologies is a prized skill in today’s hot market for mobile app quality professionals. Get into the vanguard of the Mobile Testing wave with the MonkeyTalk Certified Professional program from CloudMonkey LLC.


CloudMonkey Mobile is actively seeking reseller and referral/co-selling partners for CloudMonkey Mobile products. The MonkeyTalk Certified Professional program is a key component of our commitment to customer success with our partners